Create Original Content For Your Nonprofit

original contentMaintaining a successful digital marketing strategy takes a lot of work. There are numerous interconnected parts that work together to help increase your visibility and spread your message across the internet. Having a firm understanding of this field is particularly essential for nonprofit organizations because they often rely on the digital sphere — in addition to word of mouth — to share their goals, successes, and overall missions. Creating original content is an important way to accomplish all of this. Not only does it allow your nonprofit to share information with curious readers, but it also plays an important role in ranking highly on Google (Search Engine Optimization). In today’s blog, MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits talks about the role original content plays in successful digital marketing efforts.

Defining Original Content

Simply put, content is audio, text, images, or video that users consume to gain information. It can be entertaining, educational, enlightening, or offer any sort of value. Ultimately, you want it to help users gain information on a subject you are knowledgeable about. Moreover, you want Google to recognize this usefulness and subsequently rank you higher in searches. This practice of striving for a higher rank on search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is the primary driving factor behind the purpose of creating original content. 

While content can encompass many forms of media, it is most frequently text-based blogs within the sphere of digital marketing. Google’s algorithm responds positively to websites that are consistently updating their pages in some manner, and publishing blogs are an efficient way of accomplishing this.

Improving Your Content

Just writing a blog and publishing it for the sake of creating content should be avoided. Instead, you want to have a solid strategy that highlights both your expertise and what your likely users would like to read. Your nonprofit likely focuses on a specific area, and you surely know a lot about it. Your posts should reflect this and be informative. Content should be useful, credible, engaging, audience-focused, and ideally more valuable than other websites within your field. Even though you want it to help your nonprofit’s website rank higher on Google, the search engine’s standards are based on what people value. This means you need to write with actual searchers and readers in mind. As such, you need to create original content that answers your users’ common questions and searches. While you can’t totally anticipate this, you can keep several factors in mind.

Be Original

For starters, your content must also be original. Search engines can tell when you’re duplicating your pages (they have vast caches that store the content of any webpage they’ve indexed) and it will cause you to rank lower. Because your content needs to provide value to users, if they can find the exact information you are providing somewhere else, you aren’t adding anything new to the conversation.

Additionally, most searches involve how, what, why, when, and where questions, so your blogs should try to anticipate these queries. For example, if someone searches “What nonprofit should I volunteer at?” you would ideally want to have a blog or page answering and incorporating the keyword “volunteer.” If you do, there’s a higher chance they will be directed to your nonprofit’s post, which can then turn into them clicking through to your website and engaging with you. 

Your content must also be well-written and engaging. If your blog contains numerous spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, readers will notice and will probably view you as less trusted and informed. This can cause them to look elsewhere for their desired information. Overall, you should be creating content that you think is important and valuable to the people you want to reach. If you do this, you will have a higher chance of organically rising up in Google’s rankings. 

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