Custom Social Media for Your Nonprofit Organization

social media dallas txAs a nonprofit organization, you need to show your donors what you are up to on a consistent basis. This includes getting out into the world to talk with the public, but these days, your online presence plays just as big of a role in your ability to help others. Your custom content on your website is a valuable tool to do this, and ever-increasingly, social media is a huge part of how we interact with others.

With our team of digital marketing experts at MDPM Marketing For Nonprofits, you can focus more on doing what you love. We provide custom social media posts for your organization so that you can dedicate yourself to helping others, rather than spending all day trying to craft a message. This aspect of running a nonprofit can be difficult, so we are here to help you continue to spread your message. Talk to our team about your options today! (more…)

Your Organization Needs Recognizable Branding

Nonprofit Branding Dalals TXAre you the owner or operator of a community nonprofit organization? If so, then you know that you need to always be bringing in more donations. In order for you to be successful in this part of your mission, you need to connect with your audience. This means that you want to be constantly showing others your dedication to your organization. One way that you can do this is through quality branding that highlights what it is that you do!

With our team of dedicated digital marketers at MDPM Marketing For Nonprofits, you can have an elegant design to show your audience who you are. These days, nonprofit organizations make up a large portion of the US GDP, meaning that you have to compete more for those valuable donations. Give your fans an experience that highlights your mission and your dedication to the cause! (more…)

A Website Refresh Can Help Your Nonprofit

Volunteer Nonprofit Dallas TXIn the United States, nonprofit organizations serve as an important part of the economy. In fact, it is estimated that over $800 billion dollars is generated annually by these organizations, which is over 5% of our total GDP! Here at MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits, we understand the importance of this vital sector of American industry. This is why we want you to have a website that helps you to reach more supporters.

Whether you need more high-dollar donors or an influx of new volunteers, your website serves as an introduction for your nonprofit organization. If your current site is just not grabbing the attention of your viewers, think about whether the design is up to their standards. These days, your audience has discerning taste, and with an old or outdated website, they may get the wrong impression of who you are. Show your dedication to your cause with a beautiful new website or site refresh from our team! (more…)

Create Original Content For Your Nonprofit

original contentMaintaining a successful digital marketing strategy takes a lot of work. There are numerous interconnected parts that work together to help increase your visibility and spread your message across the internet. Having a firm understanding of this field is particularly essential for nonprofit organizations because they often rely on the digital sphere — in addition to word of mouth — to share their goals, successes, and overall missions. Creating original content is an important way to accomplish all of this. Not only does it allow your nonprofit to share information with curious readers, but it also plays an important role in ranking highly on Google (Search Engine Optimization). In today’s blog, MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits talks about the role original content plays in successful digital marketing efforts. (more…)

SEO Can Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

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Non Profit word cloud with marker, social concept background

We know that running a nonprofit can be difficult. You simultaneously have to provide helpful services and information to those who need it while also having to raise funds and appeal to your supporters. Efficient, well-informed digital marketing efforts can assist you in driving both patrons and those for whom your nonprofit provides straight to your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential tool for making sure that people are aware of both your website and also your organization. In today’s blog, MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits discusses how you can utilize SEO to help your nonprofit thrive. (more…)

Interactive Feature Could Help Attract Donors

dallas nonprofit interactive featuresAs a nonprofit, you’re always looking for ways to attract volunteers and donors, helping you in your mission to serve your community. Marketing is a major necessity, as people need to know they’re investing their time and energy in a legitimate organization. Which is why MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits is now offering interactive features, which make donating a snap, and help your company make a great first impression on potential donors and volunteers.


Your Nonprofit’s Business Needs A Separate Website

mdpm nonprofit business websiteOften, a nonprofit organization will have a business that helps support their mission, and could be responsible for a serious amount of the cash flow needed to keep their not-for-profit afloat. If this is the case, then you need more than a single website for both. As MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits will explain, your business will benefit from having a separate website!


We Can Help Promote Your Next Fundraiser

mdpm easl nonprofitAs a nonprofit, you’re always looking for events and increasing opportunities to spread the word about your mission, and to raise support in the form of funds and volunteers. But for this to work, you need to be able to spread the word about your next event! Fortunately, MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits can help. In today’s blog, we’re discussing our promotion for EASL’s 30th anniversary celebration.


Preparing Your Nonprofit Organization For 2022

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For many nonprofit organizations, the pandemic has limited donations and volunteer opportunities. Just surviving 2020 became a goal, and even in 2021 chances to grow have been slim. But at MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits, we urge you to consider making big changes to your marketing plan for 2022. With the right online footprint, you can help your not-for-profit gain new support.


5 Ways To Enhance Your Nonprofit Website

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If someone wants to learn more about your nonprofit organization, where will they go? Well, odds are they will go online and check out your website. Which means having a custom, intuitive design that looks great and contains relevant, vital information is a must. To help your company thrive and your mission grow, your custom website will need a few factors. In today’s blog, MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits looks at five indispensable factors every site needs.