Month: May 2020

We Want to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Security Online

Running a not-for-profit organization can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You have the opportunity to help those in your community and bring awareness to very important issues. However, we know that operating these organizations takes a lot of work, which could mean little time to dedicate to issues like website security. Fortunately, MDPM Marketing for… Read more »

Creating a Custom Website for a Nonprofit

Businesses of all types, even not-for-profits, need an online marketing strategy to help attract new clients and customers, as well as donors and volunteers. A successful plan, one that improves search engine optimization (SEO) and helps grow your venture, often begins with a custom website. At MDPM Dental Marketing, we know how to create a… Read more »

Your Non-Profit Needs Reputation Management!

When you decide whether to give a company your business, or to support and donate to a local non-profit, do you base your decision solely on a website? No, you check out social media and reviews to see what other people are saying. We put a lot of weight on the experiences of others, and… Read more »

How Non-Profits Benefit from SEO

If you’re looking to become a volunteer or a potential donor, where will you look to discover or find out more about a non-profit in your community? Whether you’re looking for a place to invest your time and energy that serves our community, or simply a good place to eat, society always turn to a… Read more »

Why Should My Non-Profit Consider A Custom Website?

At one time, business or non-profit entities had a physical store front that acted as the face of their business. Now, this inviting façade is online, and is discovered when someone does an online search for a non-profit in their community. This means your website should not only be modern and inviting, but designed with… Read more »