Tailor Your Message With Human-Generated Content

human-generated content dallas tx tailor your messageArtificial intelligence is the hottest topic in town right now, and many businesses and organizations are turning to AI-generated content to keep up with their SEO. But there have been problems with this approach, as chatbots can provide false or misleading information. When content goes up on your website, it is there for the whole world to see, and if your content is incorrect, you could wind up doing a whole lot of explaining. If you need to tailor your message so that you reach the right people, you want the human touch. This can ensure that you have quality and accurate original content on your blog or website.

With our digital marketing team at MDPM Marketing For Nonprofits, you can trust in your content with quality copy, written by an actual human. We understand the value of human knowledge and intuition, and working with a writer can help you to hone your message, rather than using canned AI responses. You have put your whole being into the creation of your nonprofit organization, so why rely on chatbot-driven content for your website or blog?

Your Website Needs To Be Trustworthy

When creating original and engaging content for your website, accuracy adds value. This is where using content that has been created using AI technology can become a problem. Even when AI-generated content seems like it looks good, it can wind up showing itself in less than desirable ways when you really read into it.

This topic has shown up frequently in the news over the past few months, and not often in a good light. Some businesses are even getting into hot water over their use of chatbots, as they can give incorrect (and sometimes illegal) advice. Recently, Air Canada was forced to abide by the terms of a refund due to chatbot error, and the city of New York has had issues with their artificial intelligence technology. Theirs told businesses to break the law!

Creating Custom Content Helps Improve SERP Placement

The reason that you need content for your website is to help your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This is the practice of designing and maintaining your website so that it looks attractive to popular search engines like Google and Bing. With relevant written material on your main site and on your blog, you can better encapsulate what you do as a nonprofit. This means that you need to tailor your message to show your mission, and connecting on a human level can go a long way.

Tailor Your Message With MDPM Marketing For Nonprofits

You want your website copy to be accurate and engaging, and we can help you tailor your message with human-generated website content. To find out more, call MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits in Dallas, TX at (214) 531-3006 today!