Your Nonprofit’s Business Needs A Separate Website

mdpm nonprofit business websiteOften, a nonprofit organization will have a business that helps support their mission, and could be responsible for a serious amount of the cash flow needed to keep their not-for-profit afloat. If this is the case, then you need more than a single website for both. As MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits will explain, your business will benefit from having a separate website!

Separate Websites for Your Nonprofit and Business

When you have a business that is responsible for supporting your nonprofit, you need to attract customers or clients to make that company a success. We recently helped a local not-for-profit with this process! The St. Jude Events Venue provides a gorgeous space for weddings, reunions, work meetings, and quinceañeras. The venue has indoor and outdoor areas, and was donated to The Arlington Knights of Columbus by one of their longstanding members. The goal was to create a company that could serve the community and raise funds to help support The Arlington Knights of Columbus’ mission. But in order to maximize profits and attract customers, they needed a dedicated website and social media pages for the venue. We were glad to help, and created this website, as well as Facebook and GMB pages.

Benefits for Your Organization

When you have a dedicated website and active social media pages, this allows people searching for similar services online to find your company. They’re more likely to use those services, and this helps support not only this business, but your not-for-profit as well. You can then direct interested parties directly to the site, which answers their questions without requiring them to look at your not-for-profits’ site to find relevant information. You also offer a more professional appearance and make a great first impression on potential clients, customers, and volunteers.

How MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits Helps

We have several divisions within our marketing departments. We know how to implement a marketing plan to help a not-for-profit reach its audience, but we also have experience helping for-profit companies as well. Which means we know how to take two different but successful marketing approaches for your not-for-profit mission and your company. Each will do a different job, but in the end help your organization’s mission to assist your community. Whether you have an event space, thrift store, or theater, we know how to market it!

Do You Have Questions About Your Business Site?

We want to make sure your organization has the tools and marketing help to attract volunteers and community support, so you can focus on your mission to help those in need. To get started, simply contact MDPM Marketing for Nonprofits in Dallas, TX today by calling (214) 531-3006 to learn how we can help your not-for-profit reach your community.